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Strength and Conditioning

What is it?

This is a strength and conditioning program designed to build bigger, stronger, more explosive athletes with more horsepower.

The demands of athletes are universal. If you can run, jump, sprint, change direction, are strong and powerful then you will be successful. These are the goals that are working towards. We will get there by lifting heavy, conditioning (metabolic, sprint, jumping), and working with the mentality of “Train Fast Be Fast.”

Another key principle is building strong posture and position through the use of external forces, external resistance, and external elements to challenge posture and position. Why is posture and position important? Your ability as an athlete to sprint, jump, change direction, and tackle is all dependent on whether or not you can maintain good posture and position through full ranges of motion. Building muscles around the joints  is key to preventing common sports related injuries such as rotator cuff and ACL tears!

Who is it for?

Any highschool athlete looking to get an edge during the summer. Preferably, members of the same team will attend training at the same time. They will experience building eachother up, teamwork and some healthy competition together.

What is the training going to look like? 

Programming will be designed for the specific sport in mind - whether it's volleyball, football, swim, track/crosscountry...the strength and fieldwork will be modified to best compliment the sport. Additionally, we welcome input from coaches to be sure we consider team-specific movements, mindset or education.

A. Warm up/Dynamic movement prep: These components set the tempo for the day and ensure that you are prepared for the physiological demand ahead in the day’s training. This is also where we will identify limiting factors and build the skill to be better movers.

B. Strength work: There are two levels of strength (1) for the beginner and (2) the advanced athlete. Here we strengthen posture and position with weights.

C. Fieldwork: This could be any combination HIIT training, cardio, metcon, plyometrics, weightlifting, sprints, or strongman type movements. The volume and intensity of fieldwork is designed to prepare you for the physical and mental demands found in ALL field sports.

D. Education: We will focus on topics key to athletes such as recovery, nutrition, mobility, mindset, etc.

What are the training days/times, and training location?

The camp will meet 4 times a week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, for three weeks. Sessions are 75 minutes long.

Hours available are:




Dates available:

Session 1: June 14 - July 2

Session 2: July 12 - July 30

Session 3: August 2 - August 20

Call 815-200-9773 or email to reserve your team's spot.


Kinetic Grit CrossFit -697 N Colfax Dr, Byron, IL 61010

Cost: $150/athlete - 10% discount per athlete for teams with more than 10 participants

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