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At Kinetic Grit CrossFit, we believe food is fuel.  Nutrition is at the base of the CrossFit pyramid. In order to achieve our fitness, wellness and body composition goals - we must analyze our daily nutrition. We are here to help!

We take each client as their own and analyze their diet, lifestyle, and preferences, to craft the perfect healthy eating plan to meet their goals. Gain accountability and motivation, and unlock your ultimate potential, Take the first step toward your goals through our complimentary one-hour consultation. What are you waiting for?

Choose from three plans:

Get Started: 

Eight weeks of nutritional education, custom meal plans, weekly coaching, meal prep, access to our tracking app, and weekly body composition scans! You will feel empowered after eight weeks to take control of your nutritional lifestyle.

$15/week - A $300 value!

Maintenance Coaching:

Access to our app, weekly body composition scans and access to a nutrition coach as needed.



Access to our nutrition app.



You do not need to be a gym member to participate in nutrition coaching!

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