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DIEP Packing List

  1. Travel pillow

  2. Long Phone Charger

  3. Sandals

  4. Your own socks

  5. Eye Cover (block out light)

  6. If you are in to supplements, I brought a shaker bottle with my Arginaid and protein. I brought protein bars too (all good to promote healing!)

  7. something easy to put on to go home in (Amazon has masectomy robes and wrap shirts with inside pockets for the drains - they are WONDERFUL!) I wore the robe home and sleep in it - I put the wrap on during the day! I don't like wearing pants due to the abdomen incision.

Lessons Learned from hospital:

  1. Nurses are incredibly patient and are 100% selfless angels

  2. Say goodbye to any modesty

  3. Every movement takes concentration - be patient, take your time, ask for help

  4. Get ready for humility - you will need help doing everything

  5. As soon as you are up for it, try to eat healthy, protein filled foods

  6. You will dread getting up - it is SO good for you - consider it physical therapy

  7. Celebrate the milestones - sitting up, taking a shower, conquering stairs....they matter and are worth celebrating.

  8. Find a support group on facebook - there's a DIEP group and those ladies have gotten me through this entire process! Lean on others! You are not and cannot go through this alone.

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